Sunrise Telecom

Our Message

Sunrise Telecom is a superior telecommunications contractor working with a wide range of loyal and valued clients to quickly install and expertly maintain a variety of telecommunication networks. At Sunrise Telecom, we put the client and safety first. Our experienced staff of professionals knows how to quickly assess and solve any problem and resolve conflicts, whether it’s an installation at a personal residence or a huge commercial project. Sunrise Telecom gets the resources out the door and on the job quickly to complete the job on time, but always with a relentless regard to safety. It’s our mission to be there fast when you need it most.
Sunrise Telecom provides residential, commercial, construction, college rush, hurricane relief, digital migration projects and digital converter deployment, high speed modem installations, home security and automation, underground and aerial construction services and special projects such as MDU construction, drop rebuilds and audits. Our staff has years of comprehensive, real world experience. The management team is a work force of talented men and women who know what its like to be client and contractor. That’s why we understand your business just like it was our own. We attract and maintain a high quality work force because we believe the best is worth paying for.

What Makes Sunrise Different

Extensive experience on all sides of the table. We have a highly diverse management team that has worked on both the MSO and contractor side. This puts us in a unique position to understand the business and our customers better enabling us to provide a more targeted service that others can’t.

Our team combines high quality work, quality control and technical training; all the things we believe make for good business in this industry. We highly value our work force and believe in paying well for good, quality work.

Experience, experience, experience. We have worked residential, commercial, construction, college rush, hurricane relief, digital migration projects and more. We understand how to ramp up fast and plan ahead to meet your needs today and six months from now.